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New Indie Emma Swan Here!



Hello Lovelies! I’m a brand new Emma Swan indie blog, currently looking for some OUAT indies to interact with or any other indies to be honest! Please like or reblog this so I can check you guys out! I can’t wait to start roleplaying with you all!

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 ladylaceyfrench answered: //doooo ittttt! everyone has their own unique spin on any character! also hi haha

I know they do and I know I play her differently than others do. I just always get so nervous making a new blog! But I’m gunna do it. I’m working on it now lol. Hiiii! to you too!

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So I was thinking about making an Emma Swan indie blog but the thing is I know there are a ton of amazing ones out there on tumblr. What do you guys think, would another Emma blog get roleplayers to rp with them?

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Reblog this if you are a ask or role playing blog.

You have no idea how awesome I'd find it if my character's actually got actual asks that involved them answering a question at least once a day. Honestly the reason I don't RP more is because it feels like no one actually cares about my characters enough to learn about them.
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Character development time! Give me some interesting questions about my character and I will answer.

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”Something I can help you with?”

"Oh I’m sorry I seem to be lost! I’m trying to fins the library and since I have never been, of course I get turned around!" Ruby said all in one breath.

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If you’re an indie OUAT rp blog, reblog this!


any character. Looking for some new people to write with. :)

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Reasons why I don’t like starting conversations first.

  • I feel annoying.
  • I feel like you might not want to talk.
  • I feel unwanted when you don’t reply.
  • It normally turns awkward and fades out.


  • If you talk to me first and make attempts to keep conversation going you are a holy being in my mind.
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Grannys || Open Starter

"Welcome to Granny’s! What can I get’cha?" Ruby asked when she heard the bell ring on the door.

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